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At Precision Custom Sharpening we provide sharpening services in 3 categories. Residential, Professional and Commercial.


We sharpen knives, scissors, circular saw blades, lawn mower blades, and gardening tools.

Pricing can be found on this web site here at .

Clients can drop off items to be sharpened or make an appointment for a home visit. An additional $18.50 service fee for home visit only.


We sharpen Hairdresser, Barber, and Grooming scissors, shears, chunkers, thinners, and clipper blades.

Please call or email to make an appointment, $18.50 service fee applies.

Commercial Kitchen

We sharpen and provide knives via our Knife Loaner/ Sharpening Service.

Our service consists of

1.Providing quality NSF Certified knives to be used for food preparation in a professional commercial kitchen.

2. Providing Sharpened / Loaner knives delivered on a biweekly basis.

For details and terms of this service

Call: (978) 912-0583